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We'll take care of those viruses. Sit back.

Our virus removal services are some of the best in the world (as proven on Youtube).  We’ll remove the viruses while keeping your personal data intact.

Virus Removal Services

Here are some signs that your PC is infected with Malware (viruses, trojans, adware, etc)

  • Popups that you can’t stop
  • Slow internet
  • Web searches take you to sites that your didn’t ask for
  • Random videos that appear on your PC
  • Random sounds coming from your PC (like someone talking)
  • Programs telling you that you need to purchase them constantly
  • Your PC takes too long to start and stays ultra-slow after it does start
  • Antivirus software that constantly asks you to buy it.  You can’t remove this fake antivirus and you can’t close it.

Here is what our virus removal service in detail.

  • We’ll diagnose the infection using our custom software.  Our software is able to find hidden viruses that your antivirus is not detecting
  • After we find the viruses we’ll remove them without damaging your personal data.
  • Next we’ll clean up any system damage or settings the viruses made.
  • Finally we’ll install a combination of security software, patches/updates and settings that’ll keep you protected from emerging threats.

Got a virus? Give us a call or shoot us a TXT.

We really can’t wait to get rid of all those viruses!