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PC Tune Up's for Amazing Performance

“My PC Tune-up services will get that slow computer running fast again.  It’s guaranteed or it’s free”

PC TuneUp Services

Do you turn on your computer and then go out for lunch? Maybe, just maybe it’ll be finished booting up by the time you get back. If this sounds like your computer then you need my help ASAP!

This PC Tune-Up package includes:

  • Disabling unneeded startup items and services.
  • Hard drive health check.
  • Getting rid of junk files.
  • Microsoft Windows updates.
  • Web browser security updates.
  • Virus removal (malicious software removal).
  • Free antivirus software.
  • Firewall checks and proper configuration.
  • Memory checks and proper configuration.
  • 30 day guarantee.
  • Fixed or it’s FREE.
  • No random or foreign techs.  All PC’s serviced by me, Matt.  I have 18 years of Corporate IT experience.
  • I’m offering this package for a $80 flat fee currently.

Give me a call or send me a txt.

Matthew Rizos

Matthew Rizos

CEO, The PC Docs, STL

Check out some of my reviews!

"My laptop was beyond sluggish; it was taking forever to boot up and to navigate the internet. I contacted The P.C. Docs by email on Monday and heard back within a few hours; they were able to schedule me for the next day.

Matt not only did the tuneup but told me that I needed more RAM. I asked him to add whatever was necessary and he more than doubled the RAM. My little Toshiba is now smokin' fast! All of this with a 24-hour turnaround. I would definitely use this company again and will recommend them to my friends."

Jennifer from Angie's List

PC Docs Client

Matt has helped us with a variety of PC and Network issues throughout the years.  He's super friendly and always on time.  Highly recommended!

E. Deford

Client, Eventuro

I hired The PC Docs to try and recover some deleted pictures from a memory card.  They said if they couldn't recover them there wouldn't be any charge.  Well, in about 30 minutes we had all our pictures back.  The PC Docs also helped us backup our important files (like those pictures) to the internet for safe keeping.

S. Garcia


I've got a few computers around the house and I know enough just to be dangerous.  When things start to break Matt swings by and we're usually fixed up in under an hour.

R. Korba


"I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be able to have someone like you that I trust to take care of our computers, thank you so much!" ~ L. Adams from Webster, MO

L. Adams


Ready for a faster computer? Send Matt an email!

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