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Lots of Services.

If you don’t see the one you need please contact us, we may offer that too!

Software Services:

Virus Removal Services – Viruses are more prevalent than ever.  We can find all the viruses (malware) on your pc and remove them without having to reload your entire PC.  Your personal documents like pictures, music and office files will be completely protected too!  Here is our virus removal service in detail.

PC Tune Up’s –  We’ll make your PC faster than the first time you turned it on!

Windows OS Services – We install, upgrade and repair Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Crashing PC Services – Is your PC crashing with one of those blue or black screens?  Do you have random errors that pop up constantly?  We can repair these and get Windows running as fast as possible.

Software Installation and Fixes – We support a lot of Windows based software (like Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer).  We can install, configure, upgrade and repair lots of software packages.

Automatic Data Backups – We can help you backup your documents to an external hard drive automatically.  If you’d like to automatically backup your files online we can help you with that too.

New PC Setup – Did you just buy a new computer?  Here’s what we can do for ya:

  • transfer old documents to the new computer
  • remove annoying trial and crapware
  • setup antivirus properly
  • install printer
  • install misc software

Hardware Services:

We install, fix and upgrade:

  • Hard drives (Laptops, Desktops)
  • RAM/Memory (Laptops, Desktops)
  • Video Cards (Desktops)
  • Wireless networking cards/sticks (Laptops, Desktops)

Network Services – We install and maintain wired and wireless networks.  We can secure your wireless network so only YOU can access it.  The PC Docs can also extend your wireless network range to encompass your entire home.

Data Recovery Services – Did your hard drive take a turn for the worst?  We can recover files from your hard drive to DVD. Prices vary.

Unsupported Services at the moment – these may be supported in the future.

  • We do NOT replace laptop screens
  • We do NOT replace motherboards
  • We do NOT replace laptop keyboards
  • We do NOT fix laptop AC Jacks


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